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It was a bad day to begin with for me. For starters, on September 19th I threw my back out at work. On my way home from the hospital in excruciating pain, my coolant bypass valve went out on my car. I took a quicker route thinking I can get home faster if I went that way but low and behold it turned into a nightmare for me. Here I am stuck on a backroad with severe back pain, so I grab my Motorola Razr and proceed to call home, well I had no signal...upon further inspection my phone switched to super save mode because I had only 10% battery life left. I figure I could turn super-save mode off and call AAA. Just as I got through to someone I told them where I was and then the phone died. I couldn't confirm where I was or anything nor could I call anyone else. I waited two hours before another motorist passed by me and offered to let me use his phone, bad thing is his phone was also dying so all I was able to do was call AAA and confirm where I was so a tow truck can come get me. Needless to say 5 excruciating hours later someone finally shows up to tow my car home. Worst thing of all this was not only my phone dying, but dealing with extreme back pain and trying to take a short cut home off the main road.... Had I taken the main road I'm sure I could have gotten home much faster. Sucks living 32 miles from your job and having to commute with a dead or dying cell phone. These smart phones never seem to stay charged when you need it the most

2 years, 6 months ago on (Update: Time's Up) Contest: Win A myCharge Battery Backup Unit And Never Worry About Low Battery Again