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See here's the thing - I didn't even know that the bra game was supposed to be for Breast Cancer awareness last year so I'm really not sure that playing along was all that effective. I see everyday people getting sucked into pink mania each October so I always ask a couple of basic questions before I buy - how much actually goes towards Breast Cancer and which organization does it support? I go an additional step and check out for a report card on the non-profit benefiting from my money. Some aren't worth a penny.

Think before you Pink and yes - find a great organization and ask for actual donations (local ones doing actual field work are the best)... Your engagement might not have as many questions as saying 'I like it on the floor' but the impression people will have of you as a good person will go up, and isn't that the best way to network?

4 years, 5 months ago on Breast Cancer Mystery Messages