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 Oh, now I got it! I didn't know that. So, if you don't mind I'd try Paglines Live first because it's just a new blog and I earn zero with it up to date, so I would like to keep expenses low ;))But just to get a raw vision of what we are talking about: How much would it roghly cost to hire Jimmy for a task like this one? Just round about? You can contact me via

2 years, 6 months ago on WPjim




I'm working on a topic in the Pagelines forum for more than a week now without getting a single step forward:


The problem: In the past I used a “featured image” for the thumbnail on the blog page (home page) and in addition the same picture in large as post image for to display it in the post (single post page). The problem: As I changed the rss feed method from excerpt to full (because almost all readers asked for it) I found BOTH images in the rss feed – the small one from the “featured image” and the bigger one from the post image.


In order to avoid this, I changed my working method: Now I’m using the “featured image” only – and now I have the problem that in the post itself (single post page) is displayed the little thumbnail only. So I asked for a method to display the “featured image” larger in the post.


Or otherwise: When I’m using a post image only, there’s the thumbnail missing on the blog page (home page). If this is easier, it’s alright for me to use the post image as a thumbnail on the blog page – but how?


I already tried every piece of code I could find in this forum and on other web pages; maybe I didn’t use it correctly because I didn’t know which file is “the loop” and where exactly to copy & paste the code. I’m no pro at all and need exact instructions …


Third solution would be to suppress WordPress to hand over BOTH images to the rss feed, but I couldn’t find a solution for that …


Now that I haven’t heard anything new from the colleagues in the forum anymore I fear they do not know how so solve this. So I’d like to ask you if you have any idea what to do. And maybe this is good idea for future versions of PageLines: an option like “use featured image as thumbnail” or “use first post image as thumbnail” in the “Site Options – Blog and Posts” ;))


Now the colleagues told me to ask you pros for help - and I really do hope you will ;))


Thanks in advance and kind regards!

2 years, 6 months ago on WPjim