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I love my reusable bags, but I've either been given all of mine, or have made them all from tee-shirts. I REFUSE to buy them at the store (it just seems so...wrong, somehow).  My new way of passing reusable bags on to other folks is to "gift" bags when I am loaning items, giving away clothes, etc.  I'll just pack it all my in unneeded bag and drop it off. Most of the time the bag never gets returned, but I know that person won't throw it away either.  Is it wrong to pawn off reusable goodies on unsuspecting friends? :)

2 years, 2 months ago on Beware the Reusable Bag Monster


I'm so glad to see these changes in big hotels!  Especially luxury ones.  I very rarely stay in hotels, but it honestly feels more "luxurious" to see the larger fixed containers than a bunch of small disposable ones.  I always make a big point of bringing my own products and reusing things.  I find it's actually effective to leave a note for the room service staff to NOT change out soap you've only used once, etc.  Thanks for the great post!  It's always heartening to read about change.

2 years, 6 months ago on Luxury Hotel Says No to Single-Sized Shampoo Bottles