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Especially like emphasis on the fact that they came back from the "worst pitch ever."  Failure is such a part of success.  Good luck to them.

2 years ago on How an Australian startup raised $3M in seed funding from Silicon Valley


Bob Sutton, author of The No-Asshole Rule addressed the topic of whether or not CEOs should emulate Steve Jobs a few months ago [1].   It was good to see you reference the autobiography because it did sound like shuttling back and forth between Emeryville and Cupertino was pretty miserable for Jobs.


Reading your post and then reading all the way down to the bottom of Sutton's post it gets more interesting.  Apparently, Sutton had a Silicon Valley CEO asking if he should try to be more like Steve Jobs.  Sutton's last self-deprecating sentence in his post is disappointing after he takes the stand that Jobs success was too singular to be any kind of roadmap.  It's refreshing to see you take a stand on this and not back down from it.


Equally refreshing is that Meyer continues to do her own thing at Yahoo!  I hope she continues.



2 years, 6 months ago on Anyone saying he can run two companies is lying to you or himself