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Here's the gotcha: there's a good chance that many other teams cheated, too! That's why this happens. Cheating is a rampant in American life, period

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Chicago Jackie Robinson West Little League stripped of U.S. championship


Seattle shouldn't have let him go.  They actually need a deep threat for Russell Wilson to go to.  


The Seahawks have everything else going EXCEPT for the deep passing game.  We have the #1 defense in the NFL., and we have running back Marshawn Lynch, who could be the league MVP when the season is over.  Our special teams have held their own.  Now it's all about getting the air game going, so we can mix it up a bit more.  If we develop a consistent deep threat, the Seahawks are a Super Bowl contender THIS YEAR!  


T.O. proved in the preseason that he can still get separation with ease; he just dropped the ball one too many times at the goal line.  


If Pete Carroll was sincere when he said that he'd invite T.O. back, he might as well do it now.  I am convinced that T.O. still has game.  He and Golden Tate would create openings for each other and make Seattle very dangerous. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Terrell Owens begs the Jets for a chance on Twitter