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Totally agree. And FWIW, targeting "work-life balance" seems like an inevitable fail. I'm counting it as a win to rather have good "work-life integration" ongoing. 

2 years, 4 months ago on Attention women: Marissa Mayer’s life as a working mom has nothing to do with you


I'm old school for sharing personal photos: Flickr. Private sharing without awkward social repercussions.

1. Everyone in my family has a Yahoo! account of some vintage.

2. Flickr allows you to white-list access to private, family photos (you give them email aliases of "family" members). Folks can follow my public stream if they like. I trust Flickr to not change my privacy settings.

3. Original, high quality photos available for when Grandma wants a reprint. Not just the cheapest Web jpg they can get away with displaying.

The downside? Boring mobile apps. Hopefully Marissa has an eye on Flickr as a Yahoo! asset to leverage and will target making Flickr into a viable Path alternative.

2 years, 4 months ago on For me, Instagram isn’t the new Twitter. It’s a more functional Path


Great post. Thanks much for saying what many of us think quietly - as much as we *want* to believe in superheroes, the daily business of company building is still a sweaty, human grind. It's hard enough to do one thing well, much less two. This is true not in just in needing to focus on one core business (as Dorsey, Rose, others must eventually do) but also focusing on core products (as Jobs and Hsieh did). @sarahcuda 

2 years, 6 months ago on Anyone saying he can run two companies is lying to you or himself