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So an SEC coach is worried about injuries. That's commendable. Sure, it SOUNDS like hypocrisy, but. . . No but. It just sounds like hypocrisy. Certanly, injuries should be addressed, but when a coach schedules Western Carolina to close the season in mid November. . . well, that coach should change the subject when unbalanced, unprepared, on the field issues pop up. Stick to what you know coach, recruiting big fast players to practice on smaller, slower players coached by out classed programs looking to line their pockets.

But wait! I'm sorry, I missed the point. Injuries. Of course, what better way to avoid injuries than scheduling over matched opponents. Oh sorry, lost my mind for a second. Of course there's a better way to avoid injuries. Just put rival jerseys on tackling dummies, and run up the score to make sure you win the popularity contest at the end of the season. Why play the games, after all they're so dangerous.

2 years, 6 months ago on Bama’s Saban Says Up-Tempo Offenses Can Lead To Injuries On Defense