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all your points outside of mods appeal to a minority of gamers....plenty of people still don't have the internet connection for digital copies of games or streaming...F2P games are a joke as well on PC with planetside being the only one worth mentioning....and of course like 1% of gamers are involved in competitive long as consoles have great exclusives and it remains simple to swap out hard drives(and the clouds get better) then the community isn't going to vanish overnight or anytime soon

7 months, 2 weeks ago on 7 Reasons Why Everyone Will Eventually Be a PC Gamer


so you seem to hate certain people who played cod4,not so much the actual game...weird....bioshock 2 was the worst entry in the series and pretty much everyone agrees there so not exactly unpopular....and as you stated you were playing last gen games and wondering why they werent as technically polished as modern ones so must just not like hack and slash games which is fine,but god of war is one of the standards of the genre so its pretty silly to call it bad

1 year, 8 months ago on Unpopular Opinion 3


well your last paragraph answered the question....its the same reason there havent been any successful civil war games...the weapons/type of battles going on just aren't conducive to video games

1 year, 9 months ago on The Great War – Forgotten Ground In Gaming

Reply argument not even worth dismantling as its been done too many times to count already...but hey,congrats on the n4g clicks for a provocative article title

2 years, 2 months ago on The Adam Lanza Killer Cake A Sandy Hook Tragedy


weed will never be "legal" in this country....feds will keep kicking in doors of dispensaries and homes alike...and acting like this is some victory for freedom as a whole is ridiculous....until the politicians that have signed nonsense like the patriot act and NDAA2012 into law...drug us into countless fake endless wars....and the banksters that have funded them and looted this country are all sitting in a jail cell,forgive me if im not so excited about minor shifts in societies view on a harmless plant that minus a lobbying timber industry and racism never would have been made illegal in the first place

2 years, 5 months ago on State by State, A Nullification Domino Effect


the checkpoint thing is irrelevant as far as im concerned,the only reason it wasnt available was a lack of memory and its ridiculous to screw up once on the final level and have to replay the entire far as difficulty goes its a combination of the dumbing down of gaming in the name of making them more accessible,though im not too mad at that unless it transfers to multiplayer,or there is no scale to it(see hitman)...the other side of it being very simple,in the 8-16 bit era you were not only playing against the AI,you were playing against the game its self,terrible physics,clipping and collision detection issues,and multiple other minor glitches make a game very difficult to play....there are plenty of games out there that offer a great amount of difficulty,they either are ignored by the masses,or played on lesser difficulty by alot of people when they are adopted by a wide audience

2 years, 6 months ago on Are Video Games Too Easy These Days?


geeze these articles are getting tired...but fine ill you throw out sales numbers for the ps3,and then speculate about the vita...and thats your reasoning as to why the ps4 will fail? lol....neither the xbox nor playstation of next gen is likely at all to flame out,and should either of those happen there is certainly no currently available evidence to support those thoughts....congrats darren on being yet another example of why people have so little respect for gaming journalism as whole these days,but hey you got your clicks with your flamewar inducing mission accomplished right?

2 years, 6 months ago on Why the PS4 May Fail