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Let's get this back on topic ( Iowa State fan here acknowledging that the SEC is a superior conference)...


Who's the better coach?  It's a trick question.  The answer is BOTH (or neither).  Gene never belonged in Ames and 10 out of 10 ISU fans would take Paul over Gene if asked.  I can't speak for Auburn fans but I suspect they'd prefer Gene over Paul mostly because Paul doesn't have the SEC pedigree that Gene does.  Paul is on his way to becoming the greatest ISU coach ever (I know, I know,  tallest midget...) and we just love the guy.  He grew up 30 miles from campus and was on Dan McCarney's staff when Dan was pulling us out of the cellar in the early 2000's. He is truly one of us and that means a lot to the fanbase of a program that's been a punchline (and punching bag) for nearly a century.


It's much different for marquee SEC programs.  You guys care much less if your coach is "one of you".  Your coaches have to win, period.  And I'm not sure Paul could have done that out of the gate at Auburn the way Gene did.  We're enjoying the ride up here; we're enjoying watching our defense become good even by Big XII standards.  We're loving the upsets and bowl games.  We're breaking attendance and season ticket purchase records.  We're enjoying getting out of Iowa and Nebraska's shadows a little bit.  None of these things move the needle at Auburn.  Auburn is about championships and Gene delivered one.


Whose better?  I would never trade Paul Rhoads for Gene Chizik.  How's that for an answer?

2 years, 6 months ago on Who's The Better Coach: AU's Chizik Or ISU's Rhoads?