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As entrepreneurs the only way to achieve Elton Musk Status.. is to have a "spray & pray" approach.. fail, fail, and and try again! In little league not all kids can hit home runs, and if Money ball (the movie) didn't teach us anything but that their is nothing wrong with failing -society has made most of you "conform" to its rule. I'm happy to be the "pitch hitter" who has had a couple of triples, few doubles, and a lot of base hits. And if the trend happens to be, to be "acquired, acquahired, or IPO..just know that I will do what's right for the Company, my Employees, and its Founders. It not about the money but more importantly about the legacy we set out to create..that makes us Entrepreneurs. Money is the result of the legacy we set out to achieve long ago! Best, Chip

2 years, 6 months ago on Amid the Valley’s raging case of wantrapreneur fever, Elon Musk pulls off an impressive trifecta