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 @MoKelly1 I absolutely LOVE the change.  I also think we'd be struggling equally as much in the big12 this year with all of our injuries, as well as the rotating door at O-line.  We'd have our one or two gimmies that we won't get in the SEC, but who really cares?  I'm not interested in being in a conference that's got a Bevo in it.  Happy to be HOME in the SEC!!

2 years, 6 months ago on's Power Rankings - 10/9/12


In other still blue, grass green, water wet.  What a dismal year for my Tigers...I'm hopeful that we're having freshman hiccups (tail end of Pinkel getting his DUI, Berk with the hit and run via scooter of all things, TONS of injuries, DGB and the rastafarians tokin in the parking lot, did I mention TONNNS of injuries?) and getting all of em out of the way for a while.  No excuses however, a deeper team could fare better vs. these dilemmas.  Just hopeful that we can limp out of the season at .500 and begin working on getting more depth for our lines.   


2 years, 6 months ago on MU's Pinkel Knows His Makeshift O-Line Is In Trouble Vs Bama