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Really fabulous post, Gini. Whenever I first speak with a  client I attempt to move them off the media relations track as a first step. Yes, they can have 24 hours of glory - but then what? Sometimes it gets them thinking…and other times it doesn't. But those clients who do get it are fabulous to work with...

3 days, 12 hours ago on PR Flacks and Spin Doctors: The Industry is Somewhere in the Middle


Oh I am so with you here.  I've absolutely limited the number of 'coffees' I have. I have one  day/week when I will book a lunch; and that's only because it's my 'out and about day.' My parameters are: meet with old friends, friendly client meet-up, potential new prospect.  Between sleep, family and carpooling (the worst time-suck ever)…I need to be really picky about my time...

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Why I’m completely revamping my coffee meet-up strategy


Oh this is SO TRUE! Once you start giving advice to your children - they shut down and won't confide in you again. It's hard to do…but you're right Mary Anne…the technique works wonders!

1 month ago on Listening in Life and in PR