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You make solid points throughout this post, Jay. The "long game" athlete analogy is dead-on.


Indeed, many bloggers have revealed to me in private that they lack the same enthusiasm as they once did for corporate blogging. Either CMOs question, perhaps naively, the bottom-line ROI or there remains an alarming lack of transparency after years of beating best practices with a stick. Still others, myself included, struggle with an industry perception in shrinking onsite engagement (read: too many posts with zero comments) while reconciling offsite engagement via encouraging post sharing to social networks, which can be wildly fragmented.


Even for my own personal efforts and especially for client blogs, I always start with an editorial planning session with monthly reviews of an ongoing calendar of posts and topics. Many corporate blog managers already do this to some degree, and the smart ones will sync their ed-cals with marketing and other functional partners, as well as share with data pros. And while analytics should be baked into any blog, getting back to your point, the writing, heart and readership all need to be there as well.

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Both of my young daughters have followed proudly in their daddy's footsteps as avid LEGO architects!

2 years, 6 months ago on Brick Loads of LEGO Fun Come to Michigan [Plus a Giveaway!]