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Mizzou fan here. I will say that the SEC defenses have seemed even better than advertised. However, the biggest surprise to all of us Mizzou fans who figured that the Tigers would compete better than they have has been the offense. Mizzou's offense has been hesitant and has executed poorly (dropped passes, dropped pitches, slips, fumbles, etc), and this is not 100% due to the aggressive defenses they have faced. They haven't played well and the play calling has been questionable. With reference to the injuries: unfortunately, most of these occurred before the season even started, so it is hard to attribute that to the SEC. The way Mizzou has played, they would be struggling in the Big 12 just the same. The SEC gets all of the attention, and perhaps deservedly so, but it is interesting that there are only 2 Big 12 schools that didn't get votes in the latest poll (OSU and KU).

2 years, 5 months ago on What Mizzou And A&M Are Learning Out About The SEC