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My son has been an avid lego builder since the early age of one, and I thought it would be an amazing way to spend it! To date, he loves to use his Lego blocks and always asks me to build a "kitty house," which is a larger sized home that is big enough to fit our Tabby cat.  Sure, while it takes hours to build, he gets a kick out of it while building it.  The best thing of all?  He loves when the cat crawls right in and sleeps for the night.  Every time we make it, it's different colors.


I figured that if he thought my cat house was an amazing creation, he would probably be blown away by the figurines and thousands of Legos that sprawl across the Expo floor.   This would be an event my son won't forget!  Thank you for the opportunity!  Email address is tomt2083 (a)

2 years, 6 months ago on Brick Loads of LEGO Fun Come to Michigan [Plus a Giveaway!]