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I couldn't agree more, and I for one LOVE this! Write for people, write things people are going to read, and build real relationships!

1 year, 8 months ago on Don’t Die PR Agencies! What the Recent Google Changes Really Mean


Love it! Especially love the thought that good, solid content, and bright ideas can outweigh begging for favors.
Also love the concept of solid videos, and usage of video going the distance.  When it comes to Gamification, what examples are you particularly fond of?

1 year, 8 months ago on Why You Need to Earn Links Rather than Build Them


Love seeing how a tool like instagram has created new clients/audience, brand/client loyalty, and given you an inside look!

I think it is so important in our current age of communication to be able to interact both professionally and personally.  It allows for a deeper level of connection and gives you the opportunity to truly share your story as a business/brand, and for audience/client to feel that inside look and behind the scenes perspective.

Lastly, SumAll and Simply Measured are both great tools!

2 years, 1 month ago on 4 Free Tools to Measure Your Instagram Success


First off...I LOVE that I now know that you have roughly 75 pairs of shoes. It also makes me feel better about being a guy who owns about 30 pairs of shoes. Secondly, I would agree that when you actually look at the amount of time spent on all things social, it is easy to develop "social fatigue". I as well would LOVE to hear any tips or tricks you have to combat this horrid illness, and how you try to keep things fresh! Keep up the good work Gini!

3 years, 9 months ago on Social Media Fatigue


Hi my name is Jason and I have 3 facebook profiles, manage countless pages, carry more than a few twitter accounts, and have been known to fake bathroom emergencies to be able to check-in, pot and update in private.

Please help me!

3 years, 11 months ago on Social Media Stress Disorder


First are AWESOME!

Second...if you ever make it out to MA, we will go XC-Skiing!

Third...I love that you wrote this, and couldn't agree more. Additutde is contagious, and more often than not, one small thing has the abillity to uproot your day, change your mood, and set you on a different path. That said, I always like to remind myself that you are the captain of your journey, and you get to make the final call on how you act and react to everything.

Choose to be possitive, and when all else fails...just yell out HOOGLY MOOGLY and put on a smile!

4 years, 2 months ago on Your Bad Mood Is As Contagious As the Common Cold


@ginidietrich @Brendon @trontastic Hoogly moogly indeed!

4 years, 4 months ago on The Facebook PR Mess with “60 Minutes”


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!!
That said, this goes farther than just women and business. As a man, and father of two children under the age of 3, this hugely affects my life, and the ability to run my business.
I love my family, LOVE being a dad, and do everything I can to spend as much time as possible being just that, a dad. But in addition to my two human children, I have my business, and my dog;)

As much as clients and investors are understanding to family, there is still the bottom line, and the underlying need to be successful, meet deadlines, and meet with people during normal business hours (not 10pm when my children are sleeping and i get the majority of my work done).

I am lucky to have an amazing wife that understands as much as she can, and when I am traveling to speak, present, meet with clients, etc. 20 weeks out of the year she is there to be mom (as well as be a full time teacher).

I often struggle to find the right balance between work/business development and family. It is a constantly shifting line, an internal as well as family battle, and something that will always be there.

If anyone has the golden ticket let me know, but for the time being, I will continue to do my best in both arenas.

4 years, 6 months ago on Having Children Means You Can’t Run a Start-Up