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Adidas should have just kept the Missy Elliott collection going, if they're going to produce these.  Interesting use of materials, including some unique design.  However, these are TERRIBLE.  I wouldn't cut the grass in these.

2 years, 3 months ago on First Look: Teyana Taylor x adidas Originals Harlem GLC


Complete garbage.... AND this has nothing to do with them not being Nike.  These look like winter boot trash.  AND.... I hate the "W" branding.  It's arguably creative, but not practical when it comes to performance.  Perhaps the JB Fly Wade designs were terrible (that's obvious), but at least the shoes had some technical design.  These have "sell-out" all over them.  BUT...  I guess I can't hate on D-Wade collecting big-face bills for his newfound partnership with Li-Ning.  Kinda makes me laugh though. 

2 years, 6 months ago on Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature Model