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Chris, we need to talk. I've spent four months researching an article on solar in the Mojave. You can google me plus climate. I live  in Yucca Valley, against the Park, and have been in the desert for many years.

You anti solar activists are wrong on this subject, on every level. I can explain why in detail. Email me directly at  If you are open to new and different information, that is, otherwise continue to work for Exxon and Koch. 

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First, I'd like to say thanks, Matthew, you made the season more interesting, and provided a lot more detail and quality analysis than can be found in sports pages.


The Hawks could above all use a dangerous pass rusher, whether it's an end, tackle, or linebacker. Irvin was OK for a rookie, but it remains to be seen whether he is going to scare any opposition OC's.  Irvin is unfortunately one dimensional, and Clemons, with a serious injury and advancing age, can't be expected to have another season as good as 2012.  This need will be more acute in 2013.


As for the OL, they might be OK as is, since injuries to Carpenter, Moffit, and sometimes the tackles made for an underachieving year. Considering what they had to work with, we should tip our hats to Cable and Lynch here, as well as to Giacomi and friends for playing with such passion.


Yes, a dangerous receiver deep threat would be nice, but those guys are not easy to come by. The Hawks receivers are better than average, but Rice's apparent fragility is a concern, and the backups are route runners, not defense stretchers.  


Whether it's a receiver or pass rusher, a straight up trade for a quality veteran would be the smart move. Seahawk chip: Matt Flynn. Plenty of teams are desperate for a QB. Arizona won't make a big trade within the division, but there are plenty of other candidates who will dump a top receiver or DE for Flynn. Carroll has no doubt thought of this, but maybe you and your friends can provide some suggestions.

2 years, 3 months ago on The Weeks Ahead


Seattle will beat Atlanta, which has been lucky this year, and Green Bay will beat the Niners, who are in disarray and have quarterback problems.  Kaepernick still looks lost at times.  Wilson is playing great, but Rodgers is too much quarterback to end up with an L in the conference finals.


The Hawks will go all the way in 2014 or 2015. 

2 years, 3 months ago on Wild Card Round - Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)


Wilson deserves to be ROY, but won't beat Griffin, because RG3 is #2 in NFL QB ratings, Wilson still at #7. Their

stats are similar except for volume, since Seattle runs much more often than Washington. Griffin is charismatic on TV ads and has only 5 interceptions, making him a lock. 

I'd rather have Wilson on my team, for one reason:  Griffin is too much the cowboy, going for extra yards when he runs the ball. So far that has cost him a concussion and a knee injury, and he's only a rookie. He will eventually get too banged up to be much of a player. Seattle coaches tell Wilson to slide much more often, which is smart both for him and the team. Wilson also has good instincts in avoiding big hits, and is not the glory hound that Griffin is.


The 49ers are now doubting themselves, and have serious injury and QB issues (Wilson is 10 times the quarterback Kaepernick is). An Arizona upset is unlikely, but possible. 

2 years, 3 months ago on Week 17: Rams at Seahawks (Game Thread and News & Notes)


I agree with you, Matthew. Too much ad revenue at stake for the game on Sunday, so expect Sherman to play.

2 years, 4 months ago on Sherman's hearing to be held on friday


The offense has a nice stroke these days, and let's give credit to the injured and underappreciated offensive

line. They are playing over their heads and out of their minds, a result of teamwork, good coaching, and the kind of men that make them take it to another level- Russel Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

2 years, 4 months ago on Week 15 - Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)


Buffalo in December is always a trap game. The Hawks better watch out.

2 years, 4 months ago on Week 14 - Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread)


Nice post, Louis, and you mirrored my reaction to Bevell Butthead's play calling. It wasn't just the lack of surprise,

it was stubbornness in the face of Miami's defensive deployments and strengths.


Carroll, on the other hand, is sharp. If each player position is open to competition, so should be the Offensive

Coordinator. I predict Carroll will find a new one after the season is over.

2 years, 4 months ago on Bye Week and Beyond


Staff playcalling sucked. Miami stuffed the run all day, but Bevis kept giving it to Lynch on first down even into the second half, usually with a one yard gain. It was as if we were short a down all day, especially with penalties thrown in. Wilson played well, but he can't overcome that. The best OC's and playcallers are constantly adjusting, while Bevis appears to come up with a game plan and just die with it. This has cost us other games, too.

2 years, 5 months ago on Week 12 - Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread)


Wow, I'm jealous! Next time say hi for me, and tell him Go Bears. I saw his last game, the Las Vegas Bowl, where he kept pushing back the whole BYU line. The dude is amazing.

2 years, 5 months ago on A Night at the Movies with Marshawn Lynch


In the second half, Stafford figured out the same thing Rogers and Bradford did: you beat Seattle with short slants and outs. These are designed plays, not "check downs". Matthew pins this on Trufant, but it's also Seattle's linebackers, who are fast and good against the run, but are frequently lost against quick breaking receivers.  If Wagner and company learn to start punishing those smaller receivers it would help. All Hawk lb's do now in coverage is catch up and wrap. They need a film session, including film of the old 49er and Chicago schemes.

2 years, 5 months ago on Week 8 - Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread)


I still remember when Bill Walsh built his team around Dwight Clark as well as Joe Montana, and said so. Clark

was big, a good route runner, and had great hands.  Montana hit him on third down consistently.

The Hawks lack that guy. Nobody except Rice has over 2 catches a game, and Carroll  should save Rice for big plays due to his durability issues.

Tate is not that guy, and I don't know what happened to Zach Miller, whose catch total is half his per game career average. Baldwin is just OK, as well as hurt, and McCoy has disappointed.  This is a critical need, and could be met by any of the receiver positions, or even a running back.

I agree about Tebow, and good research (or memory) about Casserly's other picks.

2 years, 5 months ago on A Few Reasons to Look Forward to the Lions Game


What is your opinion  on the Hawks'  signing another receiver before the deadline? Any candidates you like?

2 years, 5 months ago on A Few Reasons to Look Forward to the Lions Game



 Yeah, you expressed what a lot of us have been sensing. In spite of Gruden's man crush and the Tebow like fingers to Heaven, 100+ passing yards a game won't get er done in the NFL. It's easy to point fingers at the coaches, but to some extent their play calling reflects what they think the QB is capable of. The one good game was against a weak pass defense with two rookies at safety. Even a young QB has to perform against a tough rush and good DB's.

Flynn might still be hurting. If not, and Wilson flounders in his next game, Carroll should make the switch, even if it's just an experiment. We need to find out if the weak passing game is caused by Wilson or something else.

2 years, 6 months ago on Week 7 - Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread) | October


Don't see the Hawks doing much in the playoffs any more, and they might not get there.

The defensive line is full of slighty better than average players, linebackers are a notch above that, DB's

the best in the conference. If the Hawks are going to beat SF, they need a DT who can command a double

team, keeping Gore from running up the middle untouched. We also need a quality possession wideout for short routes when first down yardage is needed. With those two players via free agency in the offseason, we could compete

for a title next year. Right now these holes plus QB inexperience are too much to overcome.

2 years, 6 months ago on Week 7 - Seahawks Lose (R-Rated Thread) | October


Thanks for the detailed stats.  Smith has a reputation as  a choker,  and maybe a well timed safety blitz

(with the nickel covering for the safety) can enable his return to the mean.

2 years, 6 months ago on Beating the 49ers at Their Own Game (and Week 7 Game Thread) | October


San Francisco is -7 on Sunday. The Seahawks still can't get no respect.

2 years, 6 months ago on Week 6 - Seahawks Win! | October


Wilson's footwork, ball fake, and throw added  up to a work of art. He is  perfect play action QB, and they

should do it more often.

2 years, 6 months ago on Week 6 - Seahawks Win! | October


Yeah, but it's kind of scary that Carolina, a weak team, was a one yard pass away from winning this game. And we

still didn't see enough big plays from the passing game. The offense needs more killer instinct, and so far it's only coming from Lynch.

2 years, 6 months ago on Week 5 - Seahawks Win! (R-Rated Thread) | October


The bottom line appears to be the right side of the O line. Giacomi and Sweezy, or is someone else playing RG (I'm a Seattle xpat and couldn't see the game on TV).

2 years, 6 months ago on Conversation @