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Im readin this and idk if half of yall should even own a pair of kicks, HELL NO 6 rings AINT FUSIONS good God. I dont blame yall you need better reading material. 

2 years, 4 months ago on 20 Annoying Things That Sneakerheads Do


Anybody that agrees with this article is nowhere close to a "sneakerhead". Actually all the real sneaker heads died when the LeBron south beach 8s dropped that's when these hype beast resellers came into the game. But I digress, first off throw away my boxes? FUCK YOU. My space jam, cool grey, and concords box my package boxes? FUCK YOU. And yes I'm still NOT gonna wear my Shoes because they are meant to look fresh you buy me A pair to rock and I'll keep my pair to stock. That's how I came Into the game. And do any of y'all know the history behind Jordan's? Each pair is significant, come tell me how each one was inspired then I'll give you a sneaker pass. The difference between and "sneakerhead" and a collector is a collector just gets em cuz they look good, a sneakerhead does that but also values the history of each shoe and significant moment in basketball history it may have made. Read up on sneaks you ignorant son of a bitch.

2 years, 6 months ago on Complex’s 10 Things Every Sneakerhead Should Do (But Probably Doesn’t)