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Laura, this is a powerful tale which illustrates everything that is wrong about misleading marketing online.  While reading it I had the 'marketing team' visual sitting around a boardroom table, all fired up, as they said to each other, "And then we can create a community, get the dudes to sign up as they love their dogs, and once they have we have a targeted audience to sell our stuff too".  Wrong.  Wrong and wrong.  On all levels.

Sadly the word community has become a catch all for poor, often immoral marketing.   It is a discussion that many organizations just don't want to have.  "You mean we don't just create community so we can sell to them?"  While some people like you leave and close the door firmly behind you, others hang around and some will be misled and that is truly the sadness of it all.  Be fine if everyone just stormed out and slammed the door on their phoniness.   But damage gets down to some.

1 year, 10 months ago on The Idiot’s Guide to Destroying a Community


Laura, you are a delight.  See the chord you have touched, bra hating, mall hating, pantyhose hating, ill fitting shoe hating entrepreneurs.  We have so much in common beyond the 'vital statistics' of our business.   But you are make a very valid point, if it aint the right fit - just don't go there.  Been in a business that was a bad as wearing a tight band, small cup bra for years and jogging while doing it.  It was. MISERABLE.

And on the note of bra hating anedotes, every one I own has a hook that has flicked itself into the equivalent of a back stabbing stiletto which I endure with womanly stoicism rather than face the mall!

1 year, 10 months ago on How a great bra can save your business


I love the fact that you equate failing to trying Laura.  Sometimes when you have failed it is really hard to pick yourself up and keep on trying, but it is courageous to do so and we should take a leaf out of your legacy and just plunge ahead.  

1 year, 11 months ago on How to be a ridiculously awesome failure


Thank you so much for sharing this story.   It will be wise counsel indeed for the community folk I work with.   Please tell Yvette from a stranger half the way around the world that I feel for her, but she should take great comfort from your community.  And may I also say I admire you for having such a community.  Doesn't it say it all about a good gathering of good people?

1 year, 11 months ago on A Blogging Community: Why it’s Important to Have One


An idea is only as good as its full and remarkable implementation.  You have really hit upon such a common problem entrepreneurs face.  We act immediately on an idea and then when we hit overwhelm or its not quite panning out as we hoped, we hop onto the next idea.  

I reckon if anyone of us was brave enough to chart how many ideas we have acted on that have come to naught, we would be horrified at the time spent.  Not necessarily wasted, because we learn something from everything we do.  But if we follow your wise and well stepped out steps for implementing ideas, we can push through and get really great results from the ideas that really build our business and intersect with our purpose.

1 year, 12 months ago on The Battle of Idea-magedon


Oh wow Sandi, another shift in thinking coming on here.   I wondered why recently when in a planning session with a friend and doing a SWOT anaylsis she WOULD not let me focus on weaknesses.   Now I know why.  Of course all you are doing if you do is feeding  Lizzie Brain.  Recently i have heard this saying so much it has become ingrained in my head "You get what you pitch for".  As you say " Start saying what you want in life".  Thank you!    This stuff just keeps validating the journey I am on.  

2 years, 6 months ago on The Art (and Science) of Solution Focused Living