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Wondering how come apple iphones dont have the technology to block the dangerous radiation emitted when we are talking on the phone.Studies have shown that these radiation do exists albeit in small quantities.Maybe because they are so minute and takes a long long time to affect a persons brains that no body really bothers about it.Wonder how come Apple Corp had not heard of AERS,listed in USA.That company have patented the technology to nearly block all of these radiation and also patented the technology where their batteries have a longer uasge time before we recharge them.Its a small company and they are bringing in their own phones and dont know how good their phones are or how successful they will be in marketing them.If only Apple Corp could have these technologies inbedded in their iphones.By the way,AERS won the Frost and Sullivan price for these technologies some time back.

2 years, 6 months ago on Apple Website Updated – Corporate Info Lists CEO Tim Cook