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That's the first thing I thought of, too.  

1 year, 5 months ago on Fallout from the Freese-Bourjos trade


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The Angels had no competition in their division those years.  A"s were too poor.  Mariners were too dumb.  Rangers were too poor and dumb.  And the Angels squeaked by (and would get crushed in the playoffs playing Scioscia ball).  As soon as the Rangers brought in Nolan Ryan (and got recapitalized) they got good, the Angels stopped winning titles.

1 year, 6 months ago on Fixing the Angels for 2014 in seven steps


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You can't trade Trumbo...second half slide or not.  As lousy as he was, Hamilton was healthy all year.  What are the chances of that happening again in 2014.  If Albert continues his slide and you trade Trumbo, you're back to Scioscia ball...and the team won't be able to score.  Even if they improve the pitching and get into the playoffs, they'll get slammed by somebody early because they won't be able to score (Witness every Angels post season appearance after Scioscia started putting the roster together...2004 and on...and Tampa Bay in the playoffs...can't score, can't win.

1 year, 6 months ago on Fixing the Angels for 2014 in seven steps


Makes sense to me.  Somebody else picks up Mike's contract (or, as he's done so often, Arte picks up part of it...the last couple of years, probably).

Arte fired Tony Reagans (the Angels' Howdy Doody) 2 days after the season...and that was after only 2 years away from the playoffs, so he didn't show any indecision there.

It could also be that Arte has decided that he wants to change both guys, but he hasn't signed the people he wants yet...Or at least he knows whom he wants as GM and can't come to terms yet...or can't announce it yet because he's coming from a playoff team...and the new GM has made it clear he won't come unless he can bring in his own manager...something Jerry should have done, but probably didn't have enough leverage with (then) 7 years left on Mike's contract.  Could also be that Jerry has convinced Arte to let Mike go, but, again, won't make the announcement until after the post season is finished.

Arte won't make announce that Mike and/or Jerry are gone unless he has somebody else in place.  If he doesn't get whom he wants, he'll go ahead with the guys he's already obligated to pay.

All I know is this team hasn't played with any life for the better part of four years.  They died like dogs when, even with one win, they could have ended the Rangers' season.  Gene Autry would have fired Scioscia 2 years ago.  I don't expect things to be much better next year...especially if Scioscia wins the power struggle and the team returns to its ping pong offense.  Arte's only forestalling the inevitable by waiting to make a move.

Trading Mike would be one of the shrewdest moves any GM could make.  Change direction.  Save your boss money.  Get rid of an enemy.  Brilliant!  (And Jerry has shown he's smart enough to think of something like this...the Joe Blanton move notwithstanding.)

1 year, 6 months ago on Are the Angels trying to trade Scioscia?


Bourjos waiting in the wings is a reason why Torii should be resigned.  he's a typical high speed, good glove, no average or prudction outfielder Scioscia loves.  I agree  that age is a huge factor, but Torii brings so many intangibles to the team (Note that during the team's late rush, he batted cleanup.)  What do you do and how does that translate that into what you pay him.  I was thinking...prior to September, that You give him for or five million dollars for maybe two years and that would be it.    With his production near the end of the season, though, I thought, maybe you give him  $6 or 7 million for 2 years.  Then I heard that the deal was looking like 2 years, $17 million.  Now, I've read it's looking like 2 years at $22!  The Angels can't afford to lose his production...especially if Bourjos is the option.  Even a decline in his numbers, Torii still out produces Peter...Swallow hard, give him $17 million for 2 years and understandhe's been much more to the franchise in terms of publicity and merchandise sales than Abreauhever was , so you've mitigated your risk.

2 years, 6 months ago on What will it take to re-sign Torii Hunter?