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Just wanted to let you know of a customer service success story that was a direct result of the "Social Pros Shoutout" from this, the Kobe Bryant episode, of the Social Pros Podcast. A friend of mine tweeted about an experience with @nationwide that he was not overly thrilled about. When I saw the tweet I immediately remembered this podcast with Shawn Morton @smorty71 and his Shoutout to Mike Houdeshell @mhoudeshell at Nationwide as the man behind all their social stuff including customer service. I didn't even know what my friend's issue was but I figured it was worth utilizing the SPS and I forwarded it on to Mike. At 5:49 this morning Mike replied with a commitment to have someone in customer service connect with him today.


I received a text from my friend at 9:08am and he is in complete shock. The customer service team at Nationwide nailed it. They worked through all the issues he was having with a claim on his recently totaled car. Less than 24 hours ago @ghunt6  was done with Nationwide - he is now a raving fan. Well done Nationwide.


Thanks @jaybaer and @ericboggs for your contributions to the social community. The Social Pros Podcast is second to none. Word. 

2 years, 6 months ago on Social Pros 24 – Shawn Morton, JPMorgan Chase