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You are so lucky to have tried their prototype!!! I really hope they're gonna make it and that it's gonna be a hit. They truly have the power to move this very slow industry forward. Let's cross our finger and hats off to the Scanadu's amazing team.

2 years, 4 months ago on Scanadu officially launches to build technologically-savvy healthcare


Great article Sarah! I am so glad that you talked about hardware and its potential for our future. We can see so many blogs and article focusing only on web startups! It's refreshing to read yours. I truly believe that future breakthrough innovation will blossom in the hardware side of many industries. As you said more and more objects are now connected and internet is increasing their power. The iPhone, the Nest, the Pebble, the Withings products, etc...

More and more people are realising that and the next conference LeWeb in paris is a good example: the theme is "the internet of things"


Thanks again

2 years, 6 months ago on It’s Time to Stop Saying Hardware Is a Commodity Business — Only Bad Hardware Is a Commodity