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It sounds more like the faulty logic and sour grapes than an outright lie.  He probably even believes it, even though it's obviously false to an objective observer.  He's saying that by leaving the Big XII the real implication was that A&M would no long play the Longhorns.  It's another case of Texas thinking everything is about them.  It's like losing a recruit--they don't hate your school just because they picked a different one, so why all the hate?


Texas is just a bully that got shown they're not as important as they think they are, so they're trying to show they're really in charge.  Grow up Dodds.  And guess what?  A&M just showed with a monster year how they don't need you.  At all.

2 years ago on Texas A.D. Dodds Blames End Of A&M Series On A&M (Also Talks Expansion)


Good article.  A very interesting read.


In related news, I finally understand the "Santayana, Goodbye" line in "We Didn't Start the Fire".  

2 years, 1 month ago on Don’t Like The Idea Of 20-Team Conferences? Don’t Worry, They Won’t Last Long


I think the key here is definition of "win".  I don't consider a mega-conference of 18-20 a win on size.  Big Ten may win on money, granted.  SEC certainly has the advantage in championships.  Big Ten may win in academics, but at least the SEC can count the number of schools in the conference (sorry, the name Big 10 bugs me)


If we stick to 14, make similar money, and keep winning championships, I'm counting that as a win.  


It might be interesting to factor in the effect winning has on other profits such as ticket sales, concessions, apparel and licensing, etc to see if that cuts into the difference in TV contracts.

2 years, 2 months ago on Which Conference Will Win The Realignment War? It Depends On Your Definition Of “Win”


If you wanted to leave off and ignore all Manti Te'o stories, I, for one, wouldn't miss them.


I'm guessing you have better click metrics than just that though.


Thanks for the site,


2 years, 2 months ago on SEC Headlines 1/21/2013


Thanks for the post clarifying this.


Putting this together with the earlier post about LSU losing 11 players in one year, and it sounds like they may have trouble getting up to 85 scholarships depending on their numbers in past years.

2 years, 3 months ago on How Do SEC Teams Have More Than 25 Commitments? Back-Counting


Am I missing something?  How can A&M have 34 commits? Isn't the limit like 24-25?  I know it's common to oversign some, but 10 seems excessive

2 years, 3 months ago on Commitment Comparator – 1/10/13




I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on grading the ADs, the search process, and the hires for the school and maybe a prediction on how it will be viewed in 2-3 years (since that's all people give coaches anyways).


Matt Jones posted about Mitch Barnhart and the UK search in particular on KSR, but I'd like to hear more of an outside opinion.




2 years, 4 months ago on Why They’ll Work And Why They Won’t: The SEC’s Rookie Coaches


Did you hear about Charlie Strong's press conference today?  Refusing to say he would be at Louisville next year and telling Louisville fans to be more like Big Blue Nation are among the highlights...  Sounds like a guy who's on his way out.

2 years, 4 months ago on SEC Coaching Carousel Update - 12/3/12


 @John at MrSEC  @jMals Hi John,


Fair enough.  Long day, getting sick and a bit crabby colored my reading more than it should.  Going back, I see your point.  My apologies.


I would go more for the, "I just don't like the guy" line of thinking.  He does win games though, I'll give him that.  I'm really surprised UT isn't giving him more of a shot.  I just remember the Billy Clyde years and they've got it worse than that and for longer.  Even if he is only good for 8-10 wins a year, as the reader above said, that's a heckuva lot better than what they have now and would put them in a better position to step up after the rebuilding is done if they feel like that's a plateau.  


Thanks for the clarification on Kristen Stewart.  I didn't catch the reference.  All I know about her is her supposedly wooden acting.  Spent too much of the summer on this site I suppose.




2 years, 4 months ago on SEC Athletic Directors: Time To Hold Your Nose, Hire Petrino


 @jMals I disagree.  I'm from Kentucky, my wife is from Knoxville.  I think he is a much better fit at UT than UK.  They are so desperate for wins and excitement at this point, I'm really surprised they're not going after him.  I wouldn't blame them.


Me?  I don't want him.  At the risk of getting hatred spewed at me, I don't want him now, nor did I want him before his scandal.  They guy is a jerk.  I didn't like him when he was at Louisville--(lying to players during recruiting, the way he treated UK fans in general).  I didn't like him at Arkansas from the time he got there (leftovers from his UL days, getting that reporter fired).  I once said that I would quit being a UK football fan if he was hired...  After Joe B gave his stamp of approval, I would rethink that, but I'm thrilled his supposedly not getting considered.


I'm a bit disturbed by the original post... there seems to be a lot more venom than I am used to seeing from MrSEC.  And seriously... MrSEC is a Twilight fan?  *shivers*

2 years, 4 months ago on SEC Athletic Directors: Time To Hold Your Nose, Hire Petrino


Hopefully SEC will continue to be slow about change and let cooler heads prevail and stay steady at 14 no matter what goes on.


Why increase?  The SEC already has the best football product out there.  For TV eyes... then what, add 3 NC schools to split money with for 1 state?  If football is king, that doesn't make sense.  As a UK fan, I'd welcome them all as teams we could compete with, and would love the basketball competition (except Duke, I really just don't like Duke), but basketball doesn't really compare in the expansion discussion, else the ACC would be fine.  The NC Schools don't significantly improve football, and with the NC market, it will cost the SEC 3 shares of the pie.


2 years, 4 months ago on As Folks Work To Figure Out The Big Ten’s Moves, It’s Time For The SEC To Focus In On Six Possible Expansion Partners


Think UK basketball would only win 3 games in a season?  Do that for 2-3 years and try to charge $50 a ticket, and make them play outside on a miserable day, and it might get close....


Your evaluation of this being a sign that Joker had to go is correct, but your evaluation of the UK fan is unfair and incorrect. I went to game literally longer than I can remember from pre-Bill Curry through Mumme, Morris, and Rich Brooks years (I've had to move away since).  The worst I've been to was the 1-10 slog of Curry and been to the goal posts coming down against 'Bama....  Kentucky fans can be every bit as passionate about football and only require mediocre results with the hint at something special.  We just have to have SOMETHING to be optimistic about, especially given the cost to go to a game.  If I were in Lexington and had tickets, I would have gone...but I can't blame ANYONE for missing that game.


At the same time, I hope the attendance is better to send Joker and the seniors out right.  Everyone likes one likes losing.  I won't be there, but will be at the UT game in Knox for whatever that's worth



2 years, 5 months ago on Only 18,885 Fans Showed Up For UK-VU Last Saturday; Think Rupp Would Ever Be Just 27% Full?


I don't know John....Basketball is one of those sports where a good guy or 2 + a team that plays hard,  smart and knows their roles can overcome superior talent that doesn't do those things. The task of grooming a team of raw top tier talent into a cohesive unit is daunting to say the least.  I think the goal has to be peaking in March and that winning the SEC annually, while nice, is not as realistic.  But with the "win or go home" aspect of March Madness and the importance of team play, even getting the best talent far from guarantees championships.  But, that's also why the Final Four run in 2011 will be one of the most memorable for me--They had talent but also overcame some short-comings with smart play and knowing their roles (and that Ohio St-UK game was just beautiful by both sides from a basketball perspective).


As far as the other commenters... well, haters gonna hate.  And they'll be absolutely sure to ignore all that he does for charity and the State of Kentucky. Cal does as much or more than any coach in the country to make the community a better place outside basketball (not just at UK, but in Memphis while there, Hoops for Haiti, etc).

2 years, 6 months ago on NBA Scouting Director: “NBA Teams Should Just Go Rent A Condo For The Year In Lexington”


I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I see the issue.  So what if she was forced to retire?   She is terribly ill and could not perform her job at the highest level, or perhaps at all.  It also sounds like she may be be capable of making these types of decisions for herself.  Hart did what he thought was best for the program.  As important as she has been, she cannot be bigger than the program.


Rupp was forced to retire at UK due to age.  Manning was replaced in Indianapolis due to another young QB coming along.  Same with Montana.These things happen.


of course, I have no connection to the program beyond wife and in-laws from Knoxville.  Here's hoping they figure this out without dragging Summitt through the mud any further.  It seems to me that Jennings is the problem here.

2 years, 6 months ago on Summitt’s Son Could Provide A Way Out For Tennessee