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If you seriously think that this is going to cost Dave Hart his job, you are out of your mind.  I know reading something entirely without jumping to conclusions isn't your strong point here, but I encourage you to read, entirely, Section 7 of the affidavit which CLEARLY states that Summit says Hart DID NOT force her out and Jennings knew nothing of this meeting.  It's right there.  Jennings enjoys seeing her name in the paper, so she has brought Summit into this mess and made a huge deal out of it.  It's a joke is what this is and you stating that maybe "the school should just shut down athletics altogether" is a joke as well. Maybe this site should be shut down altogether. I don't mean to sound harsh towards Pat, but does she really know what she is saying anymore, and remember what she has said previously?  That's a serious question that has to be asked. 


I for one, as a Tennessee fan, am thrilled with what Dave Hart has done, injecting some decision-making into the Athletic Department and trying to fix things.

2 years, 6 months ago on UT Athletics In Hot Water Now That Summitt Has Backed Ex-Employee’s Lawsuit