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You miss the point. The columnist was not criticizing coaching or anything to do with the man's job.  He launched an all out attack on Spurrier's integrity.  He accused him of "poaching" the basketball team for players and printed lie as fact.  Never did he recant his story.  Then he goes as far as to say that Spurrier could lead USC down the same path as Paterno at Penn State.  These are not professional attacks against Spurrier but personal attacks on his character.  You would not allow some one to attack your character, and I bet the religious man that Richt is would not passively sit and let a columnist print that he is out at bars and hiring hookers in downtown Athens (which would be a complete lie) and continue to entertain that columnists questions.  Where do you draw your line?

2 years, 6 months ago on UGA's Richt Doesn't Show It If The Media Gets Under His Skin