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I absolutely agree with you, Peter. We are/will reach social- media-over-saturation point. Seemingly, everyone becomes an expert when given a voice or a platform from which to launch/sound-off. It is fairly easy to discern the good/unique contributers from the bad, but unfortunately, we have to actually read through it first. Too bad we can't Tevo through the "mind-numbing" content (like we can commercials on TV).

4 years, 1 month ago on Communication and Marketing Trends for 2011


Content is key, especially as the audience generator, converter. It has to be relevant and authentic to the brand, company and culture it represents. I agree people should not concern themselves too much with the competition. There is just too much competing for our attention. In addition, pay attention to push marketing. Too often times marketing teams practice the "internal push" and market from the inside of the company - out, which may alienate people in the process of being clever. Part of brand culture is knowing your audience and what attracts them, then it becomes more symbiotic.

4 years, 2 months ago on Communication and Marketing Trends for 2011