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Ultimately the responsibility falls on all of us. If public companies (that anyone can own a piece of) are LESS socially responsible, then what does that say about the public? Shareholders need to speak out. Not all of us can own enough to play activist shareholder at meetings, but we can all lobby the firms where we keep our more modest investments to push for corporate policies that ensure there will be a future economy and environment FOR our children and grandchildren to invest in.

In my current job, I get to see the exciting trend toward not just corporate social responsibility (which is a bit buzzwordy and tends to lead to a business version of "greenwashing") but a genuine values-based commitment in the whole organization, like the one at Ben and Jerry's. It's pretty thrilling to see this from companies that you don't (yet) immediately think of on a list of social-good corporations. The B Corps movement is probably part of this becoming more mainstream... hopefully it will soon become something that every company needs to do TO be seen as maximizing shareholder value. Even profit-hungry investors have children, and it's all of our responsibility to do our bit to stabilize their future by doing the right thing now.

1 week ago on Ice Cream, Business Ethics, and Fair-Trade Sprinkles


I still have three copies of your first book! ;) Two signed and one to give away (which I keep replacing as I give it away) so I think I will be needing a few of this one, too. So happy for you -- excited to see you on the NYT best-sellers list!

3 weeks, 1 day ago on Spin Sucks (the Book) is Here!