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 @BuckarooClub You could also add to that list 

-NHL revenues were just over 2 billion (now are 3.3 billion which is at the heart of the issues between the two sides.)


Only a fool wouldn't recognize today's economic climate is very different than it was in 2005.  However, I thinkt he KHL's offer of 65% or less of their current contracts is based upon professional courtesy between the 2 leagues because the NHL players are in a lockout.  If the NHL players were free agents the top players could command just as high of salaries as they do here evidenced by Radulov signing for 9.2 million (I'm sure Malkin or Ovechkin could earn more).  


Bottom line is just because the owners proposal seems more lucrative than what's offered in other leagues in a current lockout climate doesn't make it the right or fair deal for the players.  Especially when revenues have grown at an exponential rate and certain markets are making money hand over fist.  I recognize that there are very weak markets but the owner's proposal does nothing to address the systemic problems of having teams in markets that can't sustain them.  Their proposal simply wants to take cash out of the player's pockets to prop up the 6 or 7 money pits the NHL wants to keep around.


I understand you want NHL Hockey back (as I do) and if you are willing to pay NHL prices for replacement players more power to you.  I just won't be joining you in that endeavor especially when I find the owners to be the most culpable for the current state of affairs.

2 years, 5 months ago on Scab Players on the Way?


 @BuckarooClub  Yes the great benevolent NHL out for the fans best interest!  The owners aren't coming up with ways for us fans to "WATCH HOCKEY", this is another way for owners to try to get money from fans while not having to pay agreed upon negotiated contracts.  Fehr HAS listed to the owners proposal which has moved the players from a 24% pay cut to a 17% pay cut along with substantial reduced contracts rights.  Hard to believe they didn't jump at that one!  As for your assertion that they are asking for a deal "NO ONE ELSE" will give them, the owners gave them this deal 7 years ago when they won the last CBA.  Anything can happen, I could say no league is dumb enough to have a season long lockout but we already have history to prove that as well.

2 years, 6 months ago on Scab Players on the Way?