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I'm sure this was posted, but can you tell me what our pass/run percentage was with a FB in the game? Also, percentage of snaps with a FB? Thanks.

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Thanks for the info. Also not crazy about using a FB, but if we're going to then we need the camp bodies. You never know, Havili could get hurt in the preseason and one of these guys could make the team. I'm a little dubious about Campbell doing a 4.4, but if true that's impressive. Long shots for sure. Hey, no one thought a D3 guy from the CFL could make the team, much less start.

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Excellent (and realistic) analysis, as usual. Worst case, it appears the Oline depth has improved. What concerns me about Louis, and all of the internal linemen is health.

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Smart picks so far. Probably smarter than the teams real one. Someone is going to take Manziel too early, probably the Browns.

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Great article. I didn't expect any more from him than what you predict. As you pointed out, we don't know how he'll be used, but is he an upgrade? Does he make our roster better? Yes, we may have gone with someone else but he's on the roster, so I think the answer to both of my questions is Yes.

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I'd take it! Prefer a G in the third, we probably have more question marks on the O line than at CB.

Nice job.

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Love these articles. Hate the title.

3 weeks, 2 days ago on The Dregs of the Roster: Delano Howell Film Review


I remember one of the preseason games where they pulled him because he was injured on a play. He was lobbying the coaches to get back in the game. That told me something, he has the desire. He has the natural talent. Now it's a matter of coaching and seeing if he can learn the positions. Well worth a late round pick.

Looking forward to more of these 'dregs' articles. Nice job Ben.

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Dregs of the Roster: Montori Hughes Film Review


Martin should be the first center drafted. Is he an upgrade over Holmes? I'm not crazy about having an inexperienced player between a 330lb NT and our franchise. I wonder if the Colts really tried to put a poison pill type of offer to Mack.

4 weeks, 1 day ago on Colts Draft Prospect Interest Tracker


Well said, er, written.

1 month ago on Hot Takes on Jim Irsay


Great job, I even understood it! I know we're all holding our breath for Mack, but is there really much talent left that we want besides him? FS seems to be our biggest need, other than interior line.

1 month ago on Breaking Down the Colts' Free Agent Contract Structures


Great job, as usual.  From what I read on a Cowboy's forum, the fans pretty much agree with your assessment.  It's really a crap shoot on how he'll play after being on the sidelines for so long, but it's certainly worth what we're paying him to find out.  Please, let's have no WWCT (What was Costa Thinking) moments!

1 month ago on CA Charting Project: Reviewing Phil Costa