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I heard Jay still has stash houses for drugs on the barclays block! He is still controlling brooklyn streets! He is half man...half amazing! He is the american dream/nightmare. Still hating to see young blacks getting money......I heard netanyahu cant get through, but jay and bey are on bam's speed dial. Half tony montana, half andrew carnegie, bloomberg and buffet come to him for advice daily! Oh please, let's go a week without hearing about blu's having her first birthday and the feds closing down JFK and the United Nations for the event. I'm glad for him, whatever part he owns or doesnt own.....all these guys went to the trump school of having some real stuff and faking the hell out of the rest of it anyway......congrats to you for yours, and to me if I can watch my tv without someone else putting you into my living room with ANY more news about ya. Deal??

2 years, 6 months ago on Jay-Z addresses ownership criticism (video)