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This call must be taken in context.  The context that there have been many 'questionable' calls or controversial calls that always seem to go to Alabama's favor in these games.  Especially the 2007 game where the Ole Miss receiver goes out of bounds and comes back in to receive the ball on the 4 yard line.   He can't do that unless he was pushed out or the defender touched the ball first.  It is questionable whether he was pushed, the defender does have an arm on him, but even the announcers at the moment comment that he did a good job of taking the ball away from the defender. 


And how in the world can you know whether or not this would have affected the game.  Games are a series of chains of event and at any moment can head one way or the other.  This could have affected the rest of the game.  But I agree with the earlier poster who mentions the refs slowing the hurry up offense down.  Pathetic. 

2 years, 6 months ago on SEC Explains Spot Of The Ball In Alabama, Ole Miss Game