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 If Congress were to uphold the law, and nullify Federal  Reserve Act and allow every bona fide resident citizen to be a shareholder of the Usa Treasury, ( for the people , by the people )  with honest weights and measures as a security for the the people .( redeemable paper ). ( independence  for the people )  and not dependence on banks-ters,( with Congress accountable to the people ,  That might solve the problem.. AS it is , I would run a campaign on no unconstitutional money to be used or accepted..  and  any  donations to go to a grain reserve for the State and it 's people . since the Usa grain reserve is not sufficient for a years reserve... in times of famine etc..  if one's intent is to serve in the interests of the people and not  corporate interests.. at the expense of  the people  and as to recognize and uphold the law that governs for the cause of truth, liberty , order  and peace ..                                                    .

2 years, 6 months ago on Free Speech: Corporate and Anonymous