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 @Msmcecelia Thanks for your inquiry. Dumping from ships is an important issue to regulate but enforcement is certainly a challenge considering the scale and jurisdictional boundaries of the open ocean. Here's a link to MARPOL's most recent ANNEX V updates, which focuses heavily on managing at-sea dumping of plastics:

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 @Zoe123 Thanks very much for the kind words. Fortunately Alaska's landscape offers so many amazing experiences that the challenge is deciding which elements are most important to convey. 

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@hillhi Hi Bob, Thanks for your comment and I apologize for not connecting with you following your inquiry. Plastics and garbage disposed at-sea is a complex issue, but the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution From Ships (MARPOL for short) was designed to minimize the amount of pollution and garbage disposed of from ships; Annex V  focuses solely on garbage. Currently the IMO's Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) is considering adoption of Annex V, which would change the language pertaining to plastics from outlining what "Cannot" be disposed overboard to what "Can" be tossed. This may seem like an insignificant change but what it does is set a new international standard that makes plastics disposal at-sea the exception to the rule rather than the norm. There are many nuances associated with at-sea regulations, especially considering enforcement is incredibly difficult, but the proposed guidelines are a step in the right direction to minimizing plastics inputs from ships at-sea.

Best, nick

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 @BoEide Hi Bo...Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and firsthand perspectives of plastics on the arctic coastline. The pictures on your site are very telling and unfortunately they mirror those images I've seen on beaches around the world. Hot or cold, sandy or's never hard to find plastic debris.

2 years, 5 months ago on Plastics Have Reached the Final ‘Away’: the Arctic



Hi Paul, thank you for your feedback on my post. Currently, the millions of cigarette butts picked off the beach by volunteers are sent to a landfill via waste haulers; but with the Reynolds-TerraCycle collaborative we have an opportunity to divert these items from landfills and repurpose them into functional, durable goods. I cannot speak to the tobacco industry’s ability to finance this project long-term nor do I know to what scale this project will grow, but I do strongly believe that a comprehensive suite of solutions are necessary to solve the ocean plastics problem. In an ideal world and one that we are determined to realize, we will divert all trash from landfills to maximize its value. As I mention in my piece, consumers reducing consumption or choosing more benign product materials is the preferred option. However, in certain circumstances—such as cigarette butts—we need to think creatively and make certain we do not simply throw our trash “away.” And because of this latter reason, I felt it was appropriate to acknowledge the initiative taken by the above organizations to address a persistent pollution problem that plagues our streets, beaches and waterways.

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