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Let's hope Texas gets swept and they lose the division for not doing their part. You are right, the way our Angels played the whole season, we really did not deserve a spot. Tori Hunter, Trout, Weaver, Frieri (most of the time), Aybar showed heart. Obviously some more than others. I really do not think this team will be enough. Yes, the bullpen needs to be revamped, but we still are facing a good Texas and Oakland team. They will be there for a while. My opinion is, Resign Hunter, Greinke, and Morales. Cut Isringhausen, Hawkins and maybe restructure Santana's or Haren's contract for less money. I actually think the Angels should trade Kendrick. I thought he would one day he would develop into a Robinson Cano. Maybe they can trade him with Izturis and Kendrick to get something. Idk. The infamous Wells, try to get rid of him. Downs I'm up in the air about him. What happened to Geltz" the rookie? Just my two cents. Obviously some of my wishes are farfetch, but we can all imaginary GM's.

2 years, 6 months ago on Game Recap 10/1/12: Curtain Call - Angels 8 Mariners 4