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I have few points to make towards your article.

The first is that the level of taxation on the middle class is way too high. After federal income tax, federal social insecurity tax, federal medicare tax, State (NJ) income tax, and local property taxes I'm taxed at around 44% of my income!

The second is to point out the gun in the room. Taxation is enforced via the threat of violence and as such is immoral. If I don't pay may taxes men with guns will come and take my property with force. 

Many services the government has its tentacles in could be provided much cheaper and at a better quality if they were provided by private companies that could compete for my tax dollar. In fact in my town the water is provided by private companies, trash collection is provided by private companies. The big problem with government education is its lack of concern for the consumers. If there was any sort of competition in the education market and not the government monopoly our children would be much better off.

1 year, 1 month ago on The Silent Socialist: why taxation is beneficial


I agree with the author in everything - except its not just the left who attack freedom of speech. The right is just as guilty. The authors of the constitution had political speech specifically in mind when the First Amendment was written. They did not expect my political activities and expenditures to be reported, tracked, and limited by the federal government. How anyone can believe that controlling political speech is not repugnant is beyond my scope of understanding.

2 years, 6 months ago on Free Speech: Corporate and Anonymous