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I think its important because the Nexus phones were supposed to be tightly integrated with Google, and not having the source code means there is a disconnect.  Without the code, updates may not be as quick as they should be, just ask Sprint and Verizon owners.

2 years ago on Nexus 4 Not Supported In AOSP For Now


 @MdXMaxX It's a developers phone, not a media users phone.  If you want a phone with removable SD card, there are plenty on the market.

2 years ago on Matias Duarte, Google's Head Of Android User Experience Explains The Lack Of SD Cards In Nexus Devices


Ugh, I hate telling this story.  I live in Manhattan, but work across the river in NJ, using the ferry to commute each day.  The ferry has a really cool app, has the schedule, a bus locator, and the ability to buy tickets!  So I have my monthly pass on the app, I always have my phone with me right?  So one day I got caught in late meetings, and my phone just had no juice left.  I didn't notice that the phone was dead, I was running to catch the last ferry of the night to get home.  I walked down the dock to board the ferry, and of course can't figure out why my screen won't come on.  They don't let me board the ferry since I don't have a ticket!  There isn't even a place to buy a ticket, now I realize that I am not getting home by ferry.  Maybe I can catch the bus?  I head over to the bus stop and see that the next bus is about 45 minutes away, if its on time.  Usually I wouldn't have minded the wait, but I didn't have my phone to keep me occupied!  So because of my dead phone I had a miserable commute home.  If I had only known that there was a good back-up battery for Android phones, that night would have been so different.

2 years, 1 month ago on (Update: Time's Up) Contest: Win A myCharge Battery Backup Unit And Never Worry About Low Battery Again


It's never a top of the line phone in terms of specs.  When the GN came out, there were phones with better specs. 

2 years, 1 month ago on New Nexus Phone Coming In "Next 30 Days", Will Ship With New Android Release - Rumor