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he is simply called attorney "no case"... nobody wants to go on his law firm because he is retarded

2 years ago on Lawsuit against Spurs is dropped


we don't care if you don't watch Spurs games...we do the same to your drama teams,we don't watch them either... streaks??? spurs got their own streaks but media focuses on lossing!!! drama teams??? soap opera teams??? media loveable players??? ---this is basketball,,,team game,,,one goal,,,To WIN---SPURS basketball

2 years ago on Why We Watch Tim Duncan


if danny green make his shots he usually does in the WCF, i'm pretty sure Spurs is in the finals against Heat,,,manu is effecient out there,,,i won't trade him because he can play both 1&2 position,,,our bigs should be better now because if TD is sitting down/resting on the bench,they attack our defense because splitter/bonner/diaw/blair can not defend the shaded area...if we just can get a big guy out their with a little on offense but concentrates on defense,,,man okc/lakers will go down!!!

2 years, 6 months ago on Report: Spurs took a look at McGrady