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Couldn't agree more about the the onside kick being a bad idea. To me it showed that there was no confidence that the halftime defensive adjustments that had worked so well all season would be effective. There is a lack of talent and continutiy on offense. The OC is new to the team and the SEC. Driskel is a true sophmore who played just a handful of snaps last season and split half of the snaps during the spring and summer during a quarterback competition. With a full offseason as the starter and receiving the majority of the attention, there should be some considerable improvement (at least I would hope) next season. All that said, the game wasn't too much fun to watch but the 1996 Fiesta Bowl is the standard (in my lifetime) for horrible. Last night wasn't anywhere near that bad.

2 years, 3 months ago on Observations On Florida’s Nightmarish Sugar Bowl


Don't leave out the fact that New Orleans is a cesspool.

2 years, 3 months ago on Gator Fans Haven’t Exactly Snapped Up Sugar Bowl Tickets; Blame The Weather


John, I am a big fan of this site and enjoy reading your work. In an effort to be an honest broker, I'll tell you up front that I was at UF when Spurrier won his national title, and I have a great respect for what he has accomplished in the world of football. So, you can already guess where I'm coming from. I understand your need to defend the media's right to have access to coaches and information. I could not agree with you more that a free and open press is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to keeping people and institutions accountable to the public interest. The rights conveyed in the first amendment are listed first for a reason. That is not what's at stake here.


However, I think you've lost your objectivity when it comes to Spurrier. Your article on the 24th contains mostly jabs about the man then offers up in closing that the reason he's not talking to the media might be because he's upset with Morris. Do you honestly believe that whipping Missouri and having a #6 ranking would put Spurrier in such a foul mood that he no longer wants to speak to the media?


Of course he's irritated with Morris. I read Morris column. What he postulates is reasonable. Reasonable for discussion at a tailgate party. What is not reasonable is that he didn't do any of the things required to turn speculation into objective journalism before putting it into print.


Writing a piece on a coach that implies that he puts winning ahead of player welfare is fine, but you had better have some solid evidence. Pedestrian observations about a game performance or quoting some material from a press release can be accomplished by anyone that can use google and type. What Morris wrote was better suited for a blog than a newspaper. We know Morris was not a party to the decision about Shaw. It's a safe bet that no one involved in the decision making process spoke to him. So his information is third-hand at best. Anyone can pick up third hand information using an internet search. I can do it on my smartphone during a bathroom break at work.


What I can't understand is why you keep defending Morris. Your article on Friday puts forth a straw man argument that Spurrier declares that he can no longer be criticized. Did you call or email Spurrier for clarification of his remarks? Anyone who knows what Morris wrote last October, when taken together with his recent column can come to the conclusion that Spurrier has had enough of the guy and he feels like he shouldn't have to put up with it. Given Morris's history with Spurrier, I think he has burned up whatever credibility he has left when it comes to reporting on Spurrier's teams. He should probably steer clear of the topic altogether. Given the nature of the topic in Morris's column, and the underlying accusation, he should probably make sure he has more than a "theory" if he's going to make his observations public.


From reading your three articles on this situation, and how you've responded to some of the posters, it looks like you're emotionally invested in this situation. You had a similar approach to the situation last October. I could understand your point of view last year. I do not understand it now. I think you are guilty of taking the same approach to defending a fellow journalist that you accuse die-hard SC ad Spurrier fans of taking when it comes to their coach. Bringing up PSU is not helping your point at all. I don't know if you're Morris's drinking buddy, schoolmate or just a colleague, but you should probably take your own advice and talk to Morris behind closed doors about the quality of his work and avoid defending him publicly.

2 years, 7 months ago on No Speculating: Spurrier Hits Morris With Both Barrels, Says He May “Head To The Beach”