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WELL VOL FANS - hope Ferguson doesnt turn out to be the next Tahj Boyd - breaking record after record - after having left knoxville

and ill probably hope he does

11 months ago on SEC Headlines 5/28/2014


Oh, I see what is troubling you SEC fan - what behavoir u consider A**holish - is just the way people born and raised in eastern tennessee behave.  That is normal, adult behavoir for that area of the country.  And of course,  steve is from that vol area of tennessee. 


Im happy to clear that up. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Spurrier Says Lattimore Will Play For USC Again, Then Takes Shot At Clemson’s Swinney




what the heck is wrong with u?  Leave your anti-church/Christian/God yankee beliefs out of the football analysis. 

Richt did nothing sinful.  You said Elam started it.  A celebration in the endzone is not players robbing the fans or beating an off duty cop.


perspective dude?   that was your worst attempt at journalism ever!

2 years, 5 months ago on A Pregame Rumble, A UF Coach Shoving A UGA Player, Cats And Dogs Living Together…


this is my last post on this - but im going to answer your questions


But even if Erik Ainge suggested "taking out a knee," why would UT players

a) take their advice from him, HE IS A VOL, A FORMER PLAYER (VOL FOR LIFE, REMEMBER)

b) wait a week to follow that advice, CAUSE THEY DIDNT TAKE IT @ BAMA AND THEY LOST

c) wait until the second quarter to finally carry through with it?  IT TOOK TILL THEM TO GET THE PERFECT CHEAP SHOT ON THE KNEE


Im concerned you dont have any interest in a very public story of a former vol telling the currect team to "bend" the rules" and "get a 15 yard penalty"  IT IS NOT FARFETCHED that a team thats O for sec and on the road and about to lose their coach would resort to the advice of a former team mate and take out a knee. 


my only conclusion, u dare not offend the vol fanbase.  But once the shock of the video wears off in south carolina, they are going to put this puzzle together, and realize that this shot to the knee was premeditated.


2 years, 5 months ago on There’s “Good” News and Bad News For USC’s Lattimore


the fact remains - the former vol QB said last game to "take out a knee" and this week - they took out a knee


thats two close to be a coincidence (and it smells)


2 years, 5 months ago on There’s “Good” News and Bad News For USC’s Lattimore


I thought it was a cheap shot!  He went head first into the knees full speed.  And all this follows last weeks encouragement from the former vol QB to this vol team to take out the knee of the best player if they wanted to win.  He said it!  The did it!  And it stinks of intentional!

2 years, 5 months ago on There’s “Good” News and Bad News For USC’s Lattimore