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Ron and Fez are a non practicing gay couple. Fez's twenty year torch has to be a significant part of his problem. That kind of long lasting tension would cause anyone to fall apart. It has gone on so long...if Ron tries to sever ties....Fez is a suicide within a month. 

I guess....that it is possible to unknowinly find yourself in a gay relationship.  It seem that is the case with Ron Bennington.. He just wanted to have funny conversations on the radio.....but he came to know the darker side of love.

1 year, 3 months ago on The Most Uncomfortable Christmas Gift Ever Revealed


It is o.k. to question a coach or teacher or is not o.k. to question their character or integrity. In my opinion that is where Morris has crossed the line and where Spurrier took umbridge. I also do not think anyone should be forced to work with a writer that has made such claims. It seems that many journalist want to wear differant hats and claim priveleges and rights depending on what they need. By Morris's own admission he is a columnist..not a journalist.and in that role he writes opinions. Whereas a journalist is tied to fact...Morris can say anything he wants....and he argues..should be able to have access with his subject compelled to participate in the assasination of the subject's own character.


IMO a journalist has rights...a columnist is just some mouth that is not bound by any rules of truth...and nor is he afforded any rights. Morris can continue to say outlandish crap...he has done so for years. This latest Penn State comparrison was just the latest and the most notorious..because it came on a national broadcast. This was an example of the type of hyperbole and poor consideration for the truth that epitomizes his work. The work...that USC has had to endure for years. He has an agenda..and it is that he wants to be controversial...he wants to write things that stir the pot..and if one does not naturally exist he will stretch one to fit. He may call himself a columnist...well I guess technically that is true..but so is is Nancy Grace..A walter Cronkite he is not...and nor should he or people of his ilk be treated with anywhere near the repect afforded to those respected members of journalism..   

2 years, 7 months ago on Spurrier Speaks, Morris Apologizes, And A Penn State Comparison That Does Make Some Sense