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John, I don't like what Morris writes and stopped reading The State three years ago. I miss it but won't subscribe again until he's gone. I catch the latest controversy Morris' created on the internet. Other Gamecocks have covered my beefs with Morris very well. I'll only add that he's not a very good writer imo. His understanding of the major sports is about as deep as a kiddie pool. When I read his columns they were rife with factual and other errors. I will say that Ron's profiles on players and coaches were usually well done. 


Ron's good articles didn't come close to balancing the ones where he intentionally heaved buckets of cold water in my face. Why is it necessary for a writer for the major hometown newspaper to regularly write negative articles when a program is headed in the right direction after years of struggle? Fans are finally feeling great then BOOM... our coach lied about poaching or played a lame QB. Why can't The State be "homers" when almost everything is well in Gamecockland?


I've lived in many metro areas in the eastern half of the US. I've rarely seen the leading newspaper regularly attack the hometown team the way The State does. The exception I can think of in SEC cities are the  Lexington Herald-Leader and the Louisville Courier-Journal. Writers at those newspapers can be absolutely vicious if a team is under-performing. I guess the AJC can be as well but you'll never get anything but cheerleading for UGA from the Athens Banner-Herald. How about the other SEC newspapers? Do any of them flog the hometown team the way The State does when they're winning?



2 years, 7 months ago on Spurrier Speaks, Morris Apologizes, And A Penn State Comparison That Does Make Some Sense