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I didn't think a SEC head coaching vacancy could look like more of a dumpster fire than the one at Arkansas.  But thanks to the NCAA investigation at Auburn, Arkansas has been relieved of that crown.

2 years, 5 months ago on NCAA Cloud Could Lead Auburn To Petrino: The Latest On AU’s Coaching Search


Patterson's name comes up a lot in recent years, and deservedly so.  However, it's hard to imagine him leaving the Horned Frogs at this point.  He's one of the highest paid coaches in FBS - and that's based only on a reported base salary from a couple of years ago.  There's a lot of behind the scenes pay he gets from donors in the oil industry, such that he's probably top three when all is said and done.  He and his wife are building a 12k sq ft home in Dallas and he's got a program that's 70% underclassmen that managed to punch a Texas team square in the nuts in Austin on Thanksgiving. 


The only possibility that I could see him jumping for would be a job at Texas, as his wife is a Longhorn alum.  However, I do think the Longhorn Network would give him, and many coaches pause, as not many are inclined to spend 10 hours a week in front of a camera.


Miles and Saban fall into that category of being perennial national title contenders who are well compensated and already in the SEC.  There aren't many programs in the nation that they'd be interested in jumping to on the collegiate level.

2 years, 5 months ago on Miles To The Razorbacks? The Latest On UA’s Search


 @djrockytop Problem with getting Strong is that a) unlike most schools, Louisville has prohibited other schools from speaking to Strong - A&M last year tried and got shut down by Louisville administration b) Louisville has already stated that they'll increase Strong's pay to match anyone who comes knocking, including making him the highest paid coach in FBS.

2 years, 5 months ago on Gruden Mania Won’t Die In Tennessee: The Latest On UT’s Search


 @BonzaiB This is a good summary. There's a lot of conflict brewing over the most economical way to get it done, versus the way that minimizes impact on the local businesses. 


The north end of the stadium ('The Zone') is far newer than the rest and would only need a few cosmetic dabs to make it match the rest of a new stadium.  The east and west stands, however, are ancient and really can't be spiffed up any more.  So, that means tearing down those portions and building new ones in their place, plus or minus adding a south end zone portion.  Some of the original discussions were based on the fact that if demolition and construction began immediately following a season, the stadium would be completed in 18-20 months - requiring playing a season at another venue, such as Reliant Stadium in Houston. 


However, in order to keep football at Kyle Field and minimize the hurt put on local businesses, the alternate plan was to have a staged construction, where each side of the stadium would be torn down and rebuilt in a different off season, including another off season to build a south zone.  That'd stretch out the construction process over 2-3 off seasons and necessitate higher building costs.  Construction companies aren't keen on leaving their equipment idle for 4 months of the year, so there would be the increased costs of trucking in and out the heavy equipment needed, not to mention increased costs of materials that can be negotiated better when buying in large quantities.

2 years, 7 months ago on A&M Planning A $425M Renovation Of Kyle Field, Wants Cash From Local Government (Or Else)