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I don't know about you but staying in one position without moving all night is kind of uncomfortable for me. Why not just use the kindergarten solution and take turns? Dreams about how your prince charming should have been will do you no good. What matters is reality. If this is your biggest doubt about your marriage then you're doing really well. You married this person for a reason. Remember that reason and ask yourself if the proper spoon position is more important than why you married him in the first place. Also remember that someday, things will change, maybe you'll get pregnant and spooning won't work as well due to your body shape or due to the fact that you might not want anyone to touch you....period. Maybe someday you'll have kids who want to join you in bed and they'll completely destroy the opportunity for spooning.  Maybe you'll get old and have bad backs and need different types of support.  If this is a problem that is so insurmountable that you need to get  a ref involved then you're going to be in some huge trouble when(notice I didn't say if) you actually have a major life problem. Maybe consider some preemptive marriage counselling to have a counselor teach you how to discuss issues openly and fairly without them turning into arguments. If you can't talk about the small stuff and come to a compromise, then the big stuff will seem impossible.

2 years, 7 months ago on Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Who's Spooning Who