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Leveraging the cloud is also crucial for startups that have telecommuting members. The cloud may not truly simulate an actual office environment, but it's pretty close, and oftentimes, collaboration is even much faster and organized on the cloud. Similar to this post, we use Google Docs, Google Apps, and Highrise in CollabSpot. We also use Gmail as for our business emails. Some in the team use Dropbox, Springpad, and Evernote too! We can really relate to the cloud services listed above, thanks Balaji!


Having so many cloud services at hand, it can become cumbersome to work over time with them. One solution would be to introduce integrations between different cloud services, that's currently being done right now. We at CollabSpot did our own integration of Highrise and Gmail through a Google Chrome extension. It has worked wonders for us. For users of both Highrise and Gmail, I would suggest you guys take a look: There are dozens of other integrations among cloud services, and it can really become a huge industry in itself.

2 years, 6 months ago on The 5 Best Ways For Startups And Small Business To Leverage The Cloud