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@Nate Dunlevy @pjdonald In the recent past, the AFC has been the dominant conference.  Some AFC teams may post ugly records but they are for the most part competitive with the division rivals.  I don't believe this week's game at JAX will be easy by any means, despite what the Jags have thrown up so far this year.  Because of the experience of playing the tougher teams and thus tougher schedules, they are more prepared for the NFC teams.  In one particular year in recent memory (about 3-4 years), the entire AFC South was at or above .500 about 10 games into the season.  So even a "mediocre" AFC team has a shot at the "best" NFC teams - case in point with Cleveland this past week. 

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Lots of good and useful information conveyed in a easily-readable format.  Very refreshing in today's enter.nets.

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 I live in FL too, and the Houston/Indy game was the TV game at 1pm.  I was about to head out to a sportsbar at 12:30 when I checked the guide and saw it was on.  Hooray I didn't have to leave!  The playoff games are all on TV too... btw! 

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 They won't have to improve much to get to the playoffs, but if they do make it, now we're talking about maybe being one and done.  Face it, the schedule is favorable for the season, but no one gets a favorable schedule in the playoffs.  Also, there was no mention of Houston possibly having clinched everything by week 14, so the Colts might not face the playoff-Houston team, which might net us one more victory (I'd be hard-pressed to say they'd win both).  They've exceeded all my expectations, but being the realist, don't think they will do much in the playoffs.

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The best part about seeing this performance from the coucn, was that Reggie kept on smiling that smile after each catch in the 2nd half.  It felt to me like he was in some kind of zone and was just going along with it instead of trying to do too much.  A couple spectacular catches and that effort is exactly the embodiment of the Colts "Never Quit" attitude.  This game had the same feel as that other game when the Colts were down 21-3 and came back to win - I'll take that from our QB anyday, even if the name on the back doesn't say Manning. 

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 @buymymonkey you committed the cardinal sin by comparing us to other teams and basing it on performances of weeks past.  yes the colts beat minnesota, so we must be better than the 49ers!!!   Put the Colts at #1 on the Power Rankings!  Same thing with the Redskins.  When you compare to other teams in that manner, you lose the real perspective, which is with better and more aggressive coaching, the Colts could actually spoil some playoff teams' hopes, which is all I want out of this year along with improved play.  Otherwise, bring Caldwell back if you're going to play like he's still there.

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