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The Spurs better get bigger if they want to get better.  Their lack of big depth cost them against the Thunder last year and the Grizzlies the season before.  And probably if we looked back it has cost them every series in which they've been eliminated  since 2007.  Splitter melted at Oklahoma City and Popovich doesn't seem to think Blair can get the job done.  Diaw has good skills but doesn't rebound or defend well enough.  It seems the guys who could help them are locked up (under contract) elsewhere.  Isn't there anybody out there who can rebound, defend the paint and switch out, but also provide some kind of interior scoring option?  When the threes stop dropping (at they have always done to any team that lived and died by the three) the Spurs start dropping.  It'd be great to think Duncan et. al. have another championship or two in them but they won't if Duncan doesn't get more interior help than just Diaw and Splitter are likely to provide.  With quality help up front the Spurs can compete with any NBA team..

2 years, 6 months ago on With training camp looming, Ginobili optimistic about Spurs' chances