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<blockquote>Above all, the apparent need for individuality is paramount; many people have worked hard to remove themselves from a mindset that was thrust upon them by religious tenets, so to “join a group” goes against all that.</blockquote>


We saw something like this with the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy. This whole mess has made me rethink my initial hostility towards it.


For the most part I keep coming back to this


<blockquote>the answers ARE overwhelmingly in favour of the idea that the atheist, agnostic and skeptical standpoints lead inherently toward social and political activism, </blockquote>


We already share similar life outlooks, similar principles, commitments, conclusions about life. We (collectively) have more in common than most denominations do with one another.


And yet we reject atheism as any kind of standard. It's so puzzling. Many will readily identify as feminist or libertarian or skeptical but atheist seems to be it's own special little sphere.


Anyway, sorry for the jumbled thoughts.

2 years, 7 months ago on 3 Questions – The Results Part Three